Whining. A little.

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I am sorry I have not been posting much lately.

This house selling business is truly horrid, and I mostly feel tired and whiny and complain-y about everything. I have posts floating around in my head, but can’t seem to get them on paper. Does anyone really care how I make frittata? It’s delicious and everyone eats it without complaining, which is very rare around here, so I always feel compelled to brag about it – “LOOK! Food my people will eat without gagging!” like I’m some kind of dinner-making savant or something.

One of the things that is vexing me about selling everything and hitting the road (besides who will cut my hair), is the whole not-having-an-address thing. There are mail forwarding services, so getting the actual mail doesn’t worry me so much, but what address should I put on my drivers license? What about voting? I like to vote, yo. What about homeschooling – my state requires that I give them our address on the Notice of Intent. My previous experiences with bureaucrats leads me to think that “none” might not be such an acceptable answer.

I know we could change our residency to another state where there aren’t a lot of homeschool rules to follow (like Texas), but I don’t think we are quite ready to sever all ties with Colorado, even ones that are intangible. Besides, there are a lot of hoops to jump through to change your residency and I’d probably screw something up, leading several states prosecute me for fraud. Did you know that you aren’t supposed to have your life in more than one state – i.e. a drivers license from State A, insurance in State B, vehicle registration in State C, voter registration from State D, etc? Apparently you can be penalized and fined quite onerously.

The obvious solution is to have a family member let us use their address for certain things, but as I’ve alluded to before, I am completely estranged from most of my family, and Jim’s mom is out for various reasons too.

*sigh* Our little family is more like an island than a village, if you know what I mean.

We’ll get it figured out. There are a lot of bits of paper that I’ve never thought about before, until I tried to get rid of them.

But! We are not deterred!

Happy Weekend!

(ps – suggestions welcome if anyone has ever done this before, or knows anyone who has. Best mail forwarding service recommendations? Anyone?)