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• The weather here seems to have FINALLY gotten cooler. I hate summer and am quite the Scrooge about it. So I was very happy this weekend to throw open all the windows instead of running the air conditioner. Fall is my favorite time of year.

• Jim took the kids to the zoo on Sunday, and I was ridiculously thrilled to be ALONE in my own HOUSE. I puttered away happily in the kitchen, cleaning out the spice cabinet and making a bunch of pizza crusts for the freezer. I didn’t even turn on any music, I just wanted to soak up the QUIET. Someone should figure out how to jar that feeling of contented alone-ness. Then on Those Days, I could take out my little bottle of peace and have a nip.

• Last week, there was a day when it was cool enough to toss the kids outside for a few hours. I worked in my office with the window open as usual, to keep an ear on things. Imagine my reaction when I heard my daughter give a loud sniff and then report excitedly to my son how wonderful a daddy long-legs smelled. Lovely.

I swear. That child.

• Today we are continuing along with cleaning and packing, because we are GOING, no matter how uncooperative the house-buyers are being.

• Happy Monday!