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• One of the things I am worried about with this Adventure is my hair.


I have my guy, Jeff, trained how to cut it. Maintaining Lesbian Cop Hair is not as simple as it sounds. A certain way over the ears, texturized a little on top, and my bangs have to be long enough so my eyebrows don’t feel naked, but short enough so they don’t poke me in the eyes. If they start poking me in the eyes, I have been known to go after them in the bathroom with my Lady Schick.

And then who suffers? We all do.

• I am super excited to have arranged a FABULOUS give away at Heart of the Matter! A 24-volume set of Great Moments in American History! Click over to read more about it AND to take advantage of the amazing coupon code they are making available to homeschoolers. It’s a great deal, and one I will be taking advantage of myself.

• I was so geeked last week to discover the famous Life of Fred math series has expanded to include elementary books! I ordered the first 4 and am already a tiny bit in love with Fred.

The Life of Fred, for those who don’t know, is a series of math books written expressly for homeschoolers. Fred is a 5 year old math professor at KITTENS University. Each chapter is written in story form, telling the adventures of Fred in his every day life. He encounters needs for math, then works on solving the problem – to avoid that neverending “WHY are we learning this exactly?” question that is so prevalent in every math class. Fred is fab. I like him a lot.

• Happy Monday!