The deets (did I really just say that? Lame)

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You guys are all so nice! No one even really called me crazy (to my face at least)!

Selling our house in this market has been a horrible, soul-sucking venture. So while we are determined to go SOON, we have not nailed down the time frame yet.

No worries, though, because this leaves me lots of time to obsess publicly about how many shoes to take.

oh my gosh, y’all, you don’t EVEN know how bad I wanted to tell this secret while dithering over what to sell/pack/store! I needed a committee of some sort – “Deb, seriously, when are you going to ever wear Hammer Pants?”

My biggest concern is, of course, the kids. And all their stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. The books alone! They are too young for Kindles, and books are an even bigger necessity than clothes, practically, so we will be trying to figure that out. There could be lots of indecisive whinging and whining in your future, so brace yourselves.

Here are some more details about our plan:

We are not going to buy an RV, because that would be VERY EXPENSIVE when we don’t even know how long we will do this – what if I cry all the way to Wyoming and change my mind?

Actually, when we moved from Colorado to Seattle with no job and no place to live and a paid off credit card that we pretended was the same thing as money, I DID cry all the way to Wyoming (see? it’s not my first Crazypants Rodeo).

Plus, even though Jim works from home doing mysterious computer geekery, he spends a lot of time on the phone. A LOT. A 4 year old, a 6 year old AND a daddy on the phone 6 hours a day talking to other basement-dwelling geeks in a tiny RV does not seem like the ideal situation.

We are planning on buying a small cargo trailer and loading it up with all our most prized possessions. We will tow that behind our SUV and stay in Vacation Rental by Owner houses. We want to stay in each location for a month or two because a) we can see and experience everything each place has to offer; b) I want to make sure the kids do okay with this and moving every week seems more chaotic than they could handle; and c) Jim does not want to be loading and unloading all our stuff constantly. I mean, he does have to work. Working interferes with all the fun, don’t you think?

We rented a tiny UHaul last weekend to take some stuff to storage and I drove the car and totally did not hit anything! I even backed up the trailer – twice! AND one of the times other people were watching and I still did it without hitting anything!

Listen, backing up a trailer is a skill. Not hitting stuff is a pretty important part of it.