The Grand Adventure

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Okay, here’s what happened.

It all started around October of 2010.

We had just paid a fortune to get the air conditioner fixed and I was feeling disgruntled about it. The kids had been squabbling a lot and seemed bored with everything. A mild sense of discontentment lurked in the corners of the house.

One day, while the kids were outside, digging in our boring old suburban back yard, I caught up on my blog reading. I came across Zach Aboard, a blog written by a homeschooling mom whose family lives on a catamaran. I read one of her typical posts about life on a boat – perhaps it was about collecting seashells and making candles out of them, or visiting a neighboring boat at the marina where they were moored, or maybe she just posted some pictures of a beautiful ocean sunset – but it struck a chord within me and I thought “I want to do that.”

I was bizarrely moved to tears, consumed with a deep longing that came out of nowhere. It filled me up and within a matter of hours I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on with me, why I suddenly was so dissatisfied with the life were were living. We just bought a sofa from Pottery Barn for crying out loud! That cost more than my first and second cars combined!

Eventually the longing resolved into a desire to give my kids more – more experiences, more adventures, more of everything.

Looking back, I can’t believe how quickly the vision for a new way of life took shape. By that evening, I was outlining an idea to my husband:

“Hey, how about selling our house and everything we own and traveling the country with our kids, giving them an education grounded in adventure and experience?”

I must have sounded completely off my rocker.

Or at the very least, in the throes of some estrogen induced breakdown.

Astonishingly, he took it pretty much in stride. That’s the benefit of seventeen years of marriage – he’s used to my crazypants ideas.

So that’s what we’re doing.

Selling everything we’ve spent our entire adult lives acquiring.

Leaving the only house our kids have ever known.

Going nomad.

It’s gonna be scary.

And awesome.

And that is the reason behind the garage sales and endless effing basement cleaning.