In Which I Don’t Know What Day It Is

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Because this should be a Random Monday post. Ah well. I’m 40 now, you know.

• Last weekend at Sam’s, we bought eggs.

This apparently threw a thought to my son, who wanted to know how a regular chicken egg turned into a chicken.

Which I explained in the least graphic, yet most accurate way possible.

Right in the middle of the store.

Obviously, this led to questions about how other kinds of babies are made.

Which I answered.

Right in the middle of the store.

Hold me, people.

• I have a knitting friend who has taught herself to crochet and makes the cutest little toys for her kids. This inspired me to drag out my ancient Learn to Crochet in One Day! booklet and try my hand at it. I did okay with the single crochet and the double crochet and some of those other stitches that really just look like weird lumps. I wanted to do the Magic Loop way of making a ring, and found some instructions. I followed the first and second steps all right, but step 3 said, “continue as usual.”

I was all “what usual? I don’t know how to do this, that’s why I need DIRECTIONS, you stupid piece of paper!”

• I had some other stories about a trip to Ikea and cleaning out the garage, but after typing them out, I realized they were even more boring than the crochet story. Sorry. It’s very mundane over here lately. Hopefully things will liven up soon, because we are in the middle of trying to make a Giant! Life! Change!

Wha..?!?!? A cliffhanger? On a blog? That’s right, peeps. One day – hopefully soon – I will be able to tell you about the craziest thing we’ve ever decided to do.

Can you stand the suspense?