Random Not-Monday

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We took the kids out for breakfast this morning.

I have avoided this sort of thing for years, because taking small children to restaurants, you know, sucks.

Today it was good, though. They can feed themselves (mostly), AND we are now past the age of needing booster seats!

It’s a new day, people.

There was a small-ish incident wherein my daughter needed to go potty, and when I was getting her situated, my sunglasses fell into the toilet.

This freaked her out a little, if by “a little” I mean she rocket-propelled herself off the toilet with her pants around her ankles, pinged around the filthy stall for a minute and then made grabby motions at getting them out.

Grabby motions ONLY, no actually grabbing thank goodness, or I would have been the one flipping out in a dirty bathroom stall.

When I got back to the table, I told Jim what happened and that the manager was waiting on him to come fish them out.

He didn’t even blink an eye.

I must be losing my touch.


Thank goodness it wasn’t my new iPhone (that I love so much I want to marry it). That’s the stuff of nightmares.