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It’s that time again!

I LOVE the Not Back to School blog hop! It’s so fun! I love finding other weirdos homeschoolers and reading about how they operate their homeschools. I have been homeschooling for TWO WHOLE YEARS now, so get ready for some Amazing! Insight!

We started back to school last Monday after a very short summer break. I have been very disorganized this year. I didn’t even finish making the schedule until about 11 o’clock on Sunday night. That’s partly because I didn’t get started until Sunday afternoon and partly because I managed to lose not one, but two schoolbooks in the last few weeks and wasted a lot of time tearing apart the house looking for them.

I am still missing one.

I finally gave up and ordered another, which guarantees the lost one will mysteriously fall on my head the minute the UPS guy knocks on the door.

It’s okay though, because the schedule needs to be re-done anyway since we got behind on the VERY FIRST DAY due to a Giant! Math! Hissy Fit! my son decided to throw fourteen seconds into the exciting new school year.


I have two kids, my son Big, who is 6 1/2 and my daughter Little, who is 4 1/2.

Do you need a moment to admire what are quite possibly the most innovative blog pseudonyms ever?


This is the first year that Little will be joining us with real schoolwork instead of having sticker books chucked at her to keep her quiet sitting beside us, sweetly playing with a basket of special educational toys that I lovingly selected.

And so here is The Plan:



I love love LOVE Math-U-See and All About Spelling  and anticipate using them all the way through (in fact, I am an affiliate of All About Spelling and you can read my review of it here.)

We do everything together, so Little will do Literature and Science right alongside us.

Last year I realized that my kids actually retain more when we do less formal schoolwork, so I have really cut back on the scheduled workbook-y type things. Math, Spelling, and eventually Latin will be our top priorities. I discovered Notebooking, and my kids love it, so we will be doing some Interest Led Notebooking – we are still working on a 50 States in 50 Weeks study, and there will also be random book reports and science stuff. They also enjoy activities like Phonics Ad-Libs, Lollipop Logic, and Dr. DooRiddles. Last week after the Giant Math Hissy Fit, I purchased a one month trial of and both of my kids love it – the math drills are excellent, and they’ve each spent over 4 hours playing so far.

I also spend a truckload of money at Amazon (don’t we all) to keep them in interesting, living books. In fact, today we are expecting one of the largest orders I’ve ever placed, containing books like Fifty Famous Stories Retold, Aesop for Children, The Story of Inventions, all of the Little House on the Prairie books, the entire One Small Square set by Donald Silver, and a bunch of biographies by Ingri and Edgar d’Aulaire.

Dadgum it. I just realized that I spent a fortune at Amazon and did not get one single thing for myself. That is not right, yo.

I can’t wait to see who links up and read all about your homeschooling adventures! Happy NOT back to school!


(ps – if you are still undecided on a grammar/language arts program, I have Emma Serle’s Language Lessons for sale. Read more about them here)