I guess he was being honest…?

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I saw this guy last night at the entrance to WalMart –

(He saw me take a picture of him. If my lip-reading is even remotely accurate, he was a tad bit miffed.)

10 Responses to “I guess he was being honest…?”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Honesty IS the best policy, but…

  2. SaraB Says:

    We once saw a sign that said “I’m not going to lie, I need $$ for beer”. LOL

  3. Rose Says:

    seriously? there are a lot of stupid people out there

  4. Connie Weiss Says:

    There is a guy a few blocks from iKeith’s office near Coors Field in Denver that has very original signs.

    His latest one says something about his wife being abducted by aliens and he has to pay the ransom.

  5. Deb Says:

    Aliens take cash? That’s handy. Guess those probes don’t come cheap.

  6. Happy Elf Mom Says:

    Then don’t make a spectacle of yourself… though some of the “People of WalMart” postings I think are of people who are mentally disabled, and I’m not ok with people taking pics to make fun of folks like that.

    But this guy? Is practically begging for it.

  7. Ashley Rosen Says:

    That is GREAT! I have a whole trashcan full of weeds that I’d be happy to let him have. OH, I’M SORRY SIR, I WASN’T SURE WHICH KIND YOU MEANT!

  8. Applie Says:

    That’s funny.

  9. Kristy Says:

    LOL…that was very kind of you to block his eyes out. I would have just plastered his face on the internet 🙂

  10. Mary Says:

    You made my day ~ this is funny!