Back to School Monday

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Today we are back to school after a fleeting summer break.

So far we have spent the last 3 hours on a Giant! Math! Hissy Fit! brought on when I chirped we would be cutting back on our workbook pages and doing a Fun! Math! Activity! instead.

Last year I found a great (FREE) website with math drills – Math is Fun.

See? SEE? It even says FUN in the name! Don’t you wanna have fun, you little turkey butt?


He actually said he’d rather do flash cards than Math is Fun. (Flashcards which he announced I could make myself. Obviously.)

I mean, come ON.

He also suggested maybe I could find a better, FUNNER math website.

Sure, I’ll get right on that.

Which I did, grudgingly.

After sifting through tons of math TWADDLE, which I did not even realize existed, I finally found another terrific math website that he DOES like – even though it’s practically THE EXACT SAME as the first one, EXCEPT this one costs EIGHTY DOLLARS A YEAR.

I swear.

It looks like a great site with a HUGE variety of drills from Pre-K – 8th. I told him we’d sign up for a one-month trial to see how we liked it. Because I am a Super! Sucker! Homeschool Mom!

I even braved my husband’s basement lair and emerged victorious with a teeny-tiny mouse that fits his hand perfectly.

It’s now 2:00 in the afternoon.

I have not checked anything off my shiny new schedule.  It’s the first day, and I’m already behind.

And I’m wondering if taking my kids through the liquor store drive-thru would be wrong.

What’s that? Oh, sorry.

I mean HOMESCHOOLING IS AWESOME! We sang hymns for one hour this morning, then we baked cakes for the elderly, and this afternoon we will be making dioramas depicting the entire works of Homer! Which we read in the original Greek!