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• I got up this morning, excited and ready to make some Red Cabbage Indicator.


Here’s the thing. I love science, but I suck at the experiments. The materials lists are nine miles long and I can never get motivated to get the stuff together. Last year, we got completely derailed from Chemistry because I never made the indicator. I even bought 2 cabbages and all they did was rot in the fridge. I’ve heard this cabbage-boiling process is unpleasant. I don’t like things that are unpleasant, yo.

However, I have decided to turn over a new leaf (leaf!), and assemble all the materials for all the experiments before we head back to school next week (Super! Homeschool! Mom!) I even got up early, so I could shred the cabbage and get it soaking while we are at swimming lessons.

But then.

The instructions say I have to use distilled water. Not tap water. Distilled water.

And I am once again derailed.

• The other day, my daughter was racing around nekkid after her bath, and I (naturally) chased her around and threatened to bite her butt. When I scooped her up, she turned serious, wagged her little finger at me and said, “mommy, you can only have the cheeks. You can’t have the butt crack.”

And then I died laughing.

• Also the other day, I finally broke down and decided to buy new bras. I gotta hike these girls back up where they belong, ifyouknowwhatImean.  I shop online if at all possible, and since I knew what I wanted, I went to the Hanes website. While I was there, I saw they had pajama capris! Now, you KNOW my love for capri pants. And jammy capri pants? It’s nirvana. I bought a test pair, and loved them so much I bought….well, I bought eleven more pairs.

Lookit, I’ve never had real pajamas. I usually get through the winter on ratty sweatshirts and longjohns; in the summer, I wear cut-off sweats and a men’s white t-shirt.

It’s Project Runway over here, people.

Or maybe it’s more like What Not To Wear.

Anyway. I love my new, soft, pajama capri pants. That is the point of this story.

It’s not that great of a story, though….. I’ll try harder.

• Have a good week, peeps! Think kind thoughts about Red Cabbage Indicator.