I am loathe to do this…

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But I do, in fact, need to get rid of some homeschool stuff we won’t be using. It’s all brend-new, never been used; and cost enough of my husband’s hard-earned money that I can’t in good conscience donate it all to my local thrift store.

I have placed a few ads on Hip Homeschool Moms – one for Primary Language Lessons and one for Intermediate Language Lessons, both by Emma Serl. This is a gentle Grammar/Composition/Language Arts program, very much in the Charlotte Mason style of teaching. PLL is for use in grades 2 and 3, and ILL is for use in grades 4, 5, and 6.

You can read reviews of Serl’s program on Home School Reviews and on Cathy Duffy Reviews.

I also have the full set of McGuffy’s Eclectic Readers (Primary through 6th – Revised Editions). These are also very sweet and gentle. These books have comprised a learn-to-read program since the 1800s. You can read the 30 five-star reviews this set receives on Amazon.

Anyway. Email me if you are interested in purchasing. I am pretty flexible on price, especially if someone wanted all four Serl books.

(Gah! I feel so dirty now…)