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• So I installed stupid Internet Explorer 9 and it screwed everything up all over the place. My computer said there are new updates, would you like to install? and like a dummy I said Sure, why not? and then two hours later everything was a big mess. Excellent. Why do they have to make it look different? Do they think we need a new style every year? Like they do with jeans or cars? ‘Cause I’m here to tell you I do not need my stupid browser to get a fashion update every 6 months.

Anyway. I found a way to blame it all on my husband, so it’s all good now.

• I read the Freedom to Learn blog at Psychology Today, and last week Peter Gray talked about a new book out called Wounded by School. According to the description, “…the way we educate millions of American children alienates students from a fundamental pleasure in learning…”

As someone who is interested in education, as well as someone who wants to be able to articulate my reasons for homeschooling my own kids, I am intrigued by this book. So far it is not available at my local library, but I might see if they can get it somehow. Has anyone else heard of this book? Read it? Let’s discuss.

• I feel like I have been the victim of some new racket recently.

I ordered a Cook’s Illustrated cookbook, and when it came, I paid the $19.95 bill that came with it. Then I got a bill emblazoned hysterically with SECOND NOTICE!! for $4.95, which was apparently the shipping cost. Why did they not include that amount with the first bill? Also, why are they threatening me with Second Notice like I’m some kind of non-bill-paying scofflaw? It most certainly was not the second notice.

THEN, the exact same thing happened with something I ordered for the kids from Highlights. I got my package, paid the bill that came with it, and then received a nasty Second Notice bill for the shipping amount. Is this some new con? It’s a small enough amount that I would normally pay it and move on with my life, but now I am suspicious and aggravated. I’m going to call about it as soon as I work up the energy to navigate one of those annoying phone trees and sit on hold for 35 minutes.

• Speaking of phone trees, I don’t know who invented voice recognition, but I’d like to smack him in the face. Am I the only one who gets agitated and screeches Just Let Me Talk To A Real Person For Crying Out Loud! and then unleashes a string of obscenities? Maybe followed by even more cursing when the calm-voiced computer lady says “I’m sorry, I did not recognize your request”?

• That was a lot of whining and complaining, wasn’t it? Sorry. Actually, that reminds me – a few weeks ago, I read somewhere that two handfuls of cashews has the same therapeutic effect as a Prozac. I was all, Come ON, that can’t be true! But then I googled around a little and saw that same information on a couple of different websites.

It was on more than one website? It must be true.

Anyway, I was telling this to my husband and practically before I even finished, he got up, ran to Sam’s, and came back with a GALLON of cashews.


Interpret that as you will.

It’s worth a try. Maybe I’ll at least get some kind of placebo effect.