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• I LOVE PINTEREST. I cannot get enough. CAN. NOT. It’s like internet crack! It’s so much better than clipping stuff out of magazines! A virtual magazine clip organizer! Whoever created it is a genius. Check out stuff I find neato at Not Inadequate Deb. You know, or not. Is that narcissistic? I’ll follow you back! It’s fun!

(and then later, you can recommend a 12-step program for the overuse of exclamation marks)

• That one mean girl on The Next Food Network Star needs to realize that we can all see her. I will not watch a cooking show with a mean girl. Surely Food Network knows that.

• The other day in Target, I overheard a woman talking to her pregnant sister, trying to convince her to name the baby Laney because that’s what Eminem named his daughter. I mean, Laney is a really pretty name. But the reason? Who does that?

• Also the other day in Target, they cheated me not once, but TWICE and I am still bugged about it. They overcharged me by $4 on toilet paper and then took $3 worth of coupons for something else, but didn’t scan them properly. I went to customer service and got my four dollars back (after an eternity), but didn’t notice the coupon problem until I was in the car. Dadgum it.

• I am tired of being so moody all the damn time and tried Googling “menopause grouchiness.” The only links that came up were articles on MALE menopause. Seriously?


12 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. Kristy Says:

    Somebody “Pinterested” a project from my blog the other day (I saw an incoming link on my Site Stats). I was very flattered!

    Menopause stinks. Sadly, I speak from experience.

    I love Target. Don’t be disin’ my Target.
    Kristy´s last blog post ..AARP

  2. Erin Says:

    I’m a proud Pinterest addict. I will follow you!! 😀

  3. Tressa Says:

    I am still not sure that I can get on board with the whole Pintrest thing. I don’t know. I did go and look at your page. You are too young for menopause. I say that because I am not that far behind you.
    Tressa´s last blog post ..Bethany Lutheran College

  4. Connie Weiss Says:

    Love Pinterest!

    Target stole $1.50 from me.

    Don’t they know that it’s my happy place and I don’t need bad feelings there?
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..Hiking Red Rocks

  5. hikooky Says:

    I’m going to check out Pinterest. You’re about the 10th person who’s mentioned it lately, so I’ll take that as a sign.

    Here’s a rockin’ menopause/perimenopause website. I love the name: http://www.power-surge.org It’s got some great articles.
    hikooky´s last blog post ..song

  6. Donna Says:

    Regarding the moodiness, black cohosh helps me have a better outlook. see the happah face >>>> =)

  7. Melanie Says:

    Pinterest is fun. I don’t like pinning as much as I like looking at all the pictures other people have pinned – I’ve found some good recipes that way.
    Melanie´s last blog post ..Weeks in Review #32-34

  8. Melanie Says:

    I look forward to menopause – I’ll be as mean and wretched as I wanna be, then I’ll say, “What? It’s the effing hormones, bitches.”
    Melanie´s last blog post ..Weeks in Review #32-34

  9. Kirsten is Comfortably Domestic Says:

    I am afraid of entering the realm of Pinterest for fear of never coming out. It’s a valid concern.

    I thought male menopause happened to men that had to deal with cranky menopausal women? Like sympathy pain, or something? As if…
    Kirsten is Comfortably Domestic´s last blog post ..The Other Night

  10. Julie Says:

    Ok, I see so many things I want to know how to get! How do you find out what and where something is?!

  11. Michelle Says:

    Yay! Another pinterest junkie!!! Love it.

    I totally googled “perimenopause anger” this weekend. I have an apptmt with my ob/gyn (guess I can stop saying the ob part), not that it will do much good, because last time she patted my leg, smiled, and told me to take a b-complex supplement. She’s lucky I don’t show up with the bottle and show her how I’d LIKE to use them.
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Block Crayon Practice

  12. Ashley Says:

    There is absolutely no denying that menopause SUCKS. And people who don’t think it sucks suck. (You may need to read that twice to get the proper meaning. I wasn’t sure of proper punctuation for the using double sucks.) My doc, after a full FIVE years of complaining about it, said “OH! We could have you try …” and he gave me this hormone stuff that I know I once heard was made from the urine of pregnant mares. I am supposed to rub it on my upper arm. Well, it has the consistency of venom and no one wants to curl into bed with horse wee on their upper arm. So I quit. I’ll yell at him next year.