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• I LOVE PINTEREST. I cannot get enough. CAN. NOT. It’s like internet crack! It’s so much better than clipping stuff out of magazines! A virtual magazine clip organizer! Whoever created it is a genius. Check out stuff I find neato at Not Inadequate Deb. You know, or not. Is that narcissistic? I’ll follow you back! It’s fun!

(and then later, you can recommend a 12-step program for the overuse of exclamation marks)

• That one mean girl on The Next Food Network Star needs to realize that we can all see her. I will not watch a cooking show with a mean girl. Surely Food Network knows that.

• The other day in Target, I overheard a woman talking to her pregnant sister, trying to convince her to name the baby Laney because that’s what Eminem named his daughter. I mean, Laney is a really pretty name. But the reason? Who does that?

• Also the other day in Target, they cheated me not once, but TWICE and I am still bugged about it. They overcharged me by $4 on toilet paper and then took $3 worth of coupons for something else, but didn’t scan them properly. I went to customer service and got my four dollars back (after an eternity), but didn’t notice the coupon problem until I was in the car. Dadgum it.

• I am tired of being so moody all the damn time and tried Googling “menopause grouchiness.” The only links that came up were articles on MALE menopause. Seriously?