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• I got a spam comment the other day telling me how much he admired that I “didn’t even sound like an idiot!” Flatterer.

• I have been quite taken by the story of Congressman Wiener and the associated Weiner’s Weiner Scandal, and have spent a ridiculous amount of time emailing dirty puns to my husband. I can’t seem to stop myself. Member Wiener and his member, I mean wiener, is a gift that keeps on giving.

I heard over the weekend that Congressman Wiener is taking himself off to rehab.


Does Dr. Drew have a treatment program for Prominent Pictoral Peccadilloes?

Contemptible Congressional Close-ups?

Sordid Social Media Shame?

Reprehensible Representative Reprobates?

(Look, I’m sorry. It’s not your first day here. I can only hold back Hilariously Crude Deb for so long. Well, I find myself hilarious. I suppose I can’t speak for those poor humorless souls other people.)

• After I got a pedicure a few weeks ago, my daughter wanted to have her toenails painted too. And so did my son. My babies are little and want to be included in whatever I do. When I put on makeup, I tickle both noses with my makeup brush and sometimes even give them both a swipe of lip gloss. When my son wanted polish too, I could not see turning him down because of some stupid gender stereotype and making him feel bad and confused when all he wanted was some special mama time.

The young swimming instructor thought the gunmetal colored polish was cool, but the knitterly acquaintance who invited herself to lunch last week almost had a big problem with me when she hissed “why does he have nail polish on?” as though I hadn’t noticed it or something. I made a lighthearted comment about how we all enjoy a mani-pedi at our house, but I could feel my inner Fierce Mama lift her head and listen.

• Last week was hectic and exhausting, and there were a more than a few days when Sucky Yelly Mommy showed her hideous face. So when I went to My Three Rivers Home and saw this quote, I broke down in tears and cried –

I capture what I can by video, camera, journal, and mementos,
but there is nothing I can do
to capture the feel
of a one-year-old’s hug
with her little arms clinging to my neck
and her little body soft and melding into mine.

–Alice Wong

• Over the weekend, the kids called me outside to the tree that attracts ladybugs and showed me ladybug larvae! It was so exciting and I felt very smart that we could now recognize ladybug larvae for what they were instead of thinking they were some weird bug. We will definitely shop at Insect Lore again for more buggy experiments. Big is particularly interested in learning about butterflies next.

Wait! One more – Loathsome Licentious Lawmaker!