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• The other day on Twitter, AnyMommy tweeted about this article: Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning.

I read it and got freaked out.  You should too.

• I met a knitterly acquaintance at the bookstore to knit one evening last week. She is a doctor who is finishing up her residency and is studying to take some board exam. She has a job lined up with a medical practice in Minnesota, and is moving in July. I made some off-handed comment about how she should meet my kids before she goes because a) they are awesome people and b) Big has a lot of questions about the human body and I plan on inflicting him on her.

The next day, she sent me an email that said “I’m on vacation next week, why don’t you pick a day and provide me lunch? I can meet the kids and see your house! Plus, I won’t have to worry about a meal while studying.”

And I was all “Wait….what?”

Hopefully she likes a gourmet meal consisting of I Just Scrounged This Out of the Fridge, Smell It And Tell Me If It’s Still Good.

• Last Tuesday morning at breakfast, my daughter asked me if moths have proboscises like butterflies do.

Seriously. Proboscises.

I marveled, amazed that my 4 year old knows a word like that, knows what it means, and can use it correctly in a sentence. My girl! What a brilliant creature!

Six hours later she stuffed an unripe cherry up her nose.

Seriously. A cherry. Up her nose.

I marveled again, but not for the same reasons.

That child is going to kill me.

(Yes, we got it out. I could see on my husband’s face that we were headed to the emergency room, and gave one last try at instructing her to blow her nose as hard as possible into my hand. Popped right out, along with a truly awe-inspiring amount of snot.)