Good Grief, this is embarrassing…

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All right, people.

I am going to break down and show you my coupon binder.

I don’t know why I find this embarrassing… I already have so many weird qualities, what’s one more?

I originally bought one of those little accordian files that are specifically for coupons. However, it did not have enough categories and it was a gigantic hassle to sift through in the store. After realizing in the middle of the toothpaste aisle that I needed a better system, I came home and fell down a Google rabbit hole called Coupon Binder Organizers.

After driving myself nuts trying to figure out what kind of pages I wanted and comparing prices on Amazon, I threw my hands up and ordered this binder kit.

It comes with a variety of pocket sheets and divider tabs, as well as a list that tells you which weekends will have which inserts in the paper. She even has a video that shows you how she organizers her binder and her coupon strategy as she moves through the aisles in the store. I didn’t care for the categories on the tabs, so I bought some plain divider tabs in the school supply department at Target (with a coupon!), and made categories to correspond with my local grocery store.

I have taken the binder to Target, but have yet to make the maiden voyage to the grocery store. I need to go shopping in a pretty bad way, so my plan is to get the paper on Wednesday and see what the specials are; then go to the store early Thursday morning. I shall report back and let you know how it went.

5 Responses to “Good Grief, this is embarrassing…”

  1. Applie Says:

    I tried that once. It didn’t work for me. Your’s looks so nice and well put together. I hope it works out for you. 🙂
    Applie´s last blog post ..Memorial Day

  2. Connie Weiss Says:

    I had a binder like this once. I love it and organizing my coupons was fun!

    Then I had kids and no time for it anymore.

    Good Luck!
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..I Love This Girl

  3. Nicole Says:

    yeah! My cousin sells adorable binder bags if you’d like a case to carry your binder in. You can find her on Facebook at Paisley Princess Home Accents and Gifts. I think they are $57, which is too much for me even if she is my cousin so I’m currently searching for a pattern to make my own-that way I can put those 4 years of 4-H to good work!

  4. Helena Says:

    Deb, it’s a strange new world you have entered. I’m a little nervous, standing at the edge, watching you walking in, binder in hand, looking so enthusiastic and grocery-store ready.

    You’ve got the neatly ordered survival kit, the pith helmet, and the shorts (you do have the shorts, don’t you? And the trusty boots? And the porters with your luggage? And the blunderbuss?? Please tell me you packed the blunderbuss.) You seem ready, so I’m waving you off with hope and smiles.

    Your image is getting fainter…there you go, and I’m thinking, Go well, friend, into the Wild Unknowns, may you avoid the sinkhole of the fraudulent couponer, the twisting vines of “I gotta get 90 boxes of dental floss,” and the Rodents of Unusual Size (okay, there had to be a Princess Bride quote in there somewhere!).

    May you come out the other end sane and alive. God speed, good traveller!
    Helena´s last blog post ..walking through colours

  5. Deb Says:

    Helena, you slay me. Perhaps I should get your address. Then when I finally succumb, I can send you the 90 boxes of dental floss and get rid of the evidence.

    Plus also, I am totally going to get a pith helmet now. I’m feeling Dr. Livingstone-ish.