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• We are having a pretty decent holiday weekend around here. Memorial Day is the first day off Jim gets every year, and the stretch between New Years and this weekend is pretty long. The kids played all day outside with Daddy on Saturday and they went to the zoo on Sunday. Big made Jim take a picture of the Naked Mole Rats to send me.

• This menopause/hormonal situation around here is becoming untenable. I wasn’t this moody when I was a teenager (I don’t think…who can remember that far back?) Saturday I was Super! Grouchy! and Sunday I was crying every ten minutes. I explained the whole Menopause Emotional Roller Coaster o’ Death thing to my husband, but reassured him we could get through it if he tiptoed around me for the next ten years, and also did everything I say. Frankly, I think we would ALL be happier if my family did everything I say. I don’t know why people can’t get on board with it.

• So far I have successfully fended off the desire to stockpile a lifetime supply of deodorant, but I did break down and buy a binder for all my coupons. I got some mighty suspicious looks in Target the other day, but I saved $5 using coupons. It’s a good thing too, because now I have to do enough couponing to pay for all the organizing supplies I bought. Oooh, a lifetime supply of page protectors…now that is a temptation I don’t know if I could resist. Or sticky notes! Highlighters! A trip to Office Max is like Christmas to me, people.

I also have clipped some coupons for Best Friend as part of a plan to draw her over to the dark side. Do you hear me, L? You may as well buy a binder right now and save me the trouble of persuading you.

• Speaking of couponing, I have recently discovered that some of the people on Extreme Couponing are cheating. Something about not buying the product the coupon is actually for, but matching just enough of the bar codes so the computer will accept it. Apparently this has created quite the stir in the couponing community. Personally, I found it discouraging to realize I won’t be saving 95% on my grocery bill without committing fraud (not really an option for this goody-two-shoes). On the other hand, it explains why it takes them 40 hours a week to coupon – cheating can be time consuming. So it’s good news that I can coupon without turning it into a full time job. I don’t really get why someone would spend 40 hours a week to cheat and STILL come home with 25 cases of instant ramen and not actual FOOD, though. That hardly seems like a good return for all the time and anxiety.

• Happy Memorial Day and a big Thank You to our military and military spouses for all the sacrifices you make for the rest of us. 

• Naked Mole Rats! Gross!