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A few weeks ago, the kids’ swim instructor texted me that he would be unavailable to give lessons in May. We have been taking lessons twice a week with him since January and we all like him very much. Even though Matthew is obnoxiously young (seriously. I think he graduated high school in like 2007. It’s kind of disgusting), he seems to be a natural teacher and he is nice to my babies.

This abrupt text message made me pretty grouchy though, and I may or may not have stomped down into my husband’s basement office for a mini-rant about the irresponsible whippersnappers of today.

…and then felt like a horrible monster about 3 hours later, because when we showed up for our lesson (with a substitute), Matt was there and came over to explain that they had just found out that his mom had cancer.

Horrible, horrible, monster. Dang it.

We saw him at the pool again on Monday, and he came over to say hi to the kids. I asked him how he was doing and the poor guy almost broke down in tears. Apparently his mom had basically gone in for a routine check-up and bam! walked out with advanced stage kidney cancer.

I mean, that totally sucks.

I’ve felt sad about it all week. He’s just a boy and he might lose his mama. I think he’s in his early twenties, but…he’s still just a boy. Boys need their mamas.

After discarding several ideas because they seemed a little too “Who is this Creepy Lady and Why is she Bringing Us Soup,” it occurred to me to knit her a chemo hat.

So, the question is: what do you think about that? I really barely know the guy, so I don’t want to stray into Weird, Entirely Too Personal territory. Does a hat seem too weird and personal? Or thoughtful gesture? My husband thinks it might come across as weird, so I don’t know…

But I have a son, too. And if I was sick, I would want someone to be kind to him.