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• After having problems with our internet service for weeks, it finally got so bad we called The Guy.

Well, The Guy did a little investigating and discovered that the reason we were having trouble is because our neighbor was STEALING OUR INTERNET ACCESS. He brought back the corroded, illegal splitter and showed it to us. I was – am – shocked. The more I think about it, the more disgusted I feel. I mean, it’s one thing to get the wrong change back at the drive-through and keep it in a moment of weakness. But to have to make a LIST and go SHOPPING at Radio Shack to BUY the parts to STEAL something? AND THEN to BREAK whatever security zip-tied cap thingy they have over our wires, CUT into those wires and run a whole line to the house? That’s like 16 deliberate, calculated steps of wrongness. 

And sure, you might say that they weren’t really stealing from us, they were stealing from the cable company – but my husband works from home and when his computer is down, we aren’t getting paid. So they WERE stealing from us. Furthermore, it really bugs me when my computer is slow, so you can’t really discount the Mental Anguish bit.


• I read yesterday that Disney has trademarked the words “Seal Team 6” so they can have all the merchandising rights for t-shirts and action figures. I guess some lawyer in some dungeon somewhere heard about Osama’s demise and thought “We can make a FORTUNE off this!” I find it to be obscene. I can’t quite put my finger on why I don’t like it. I’m glad the guy’s dead – he was evil. But making money off baseball hats and sneakers because of a connection to that evil….it bothers me.

• Someone found my blog the other day by searching the term “well hung.” I don’t know what to make of that.

• I have Tivo’d the History Channel series How the States got Their Shapes and it is really interesting. Much more interesting than it initially sounds. In fact, I am going to mark this down as part of the U.S. Geography study we are doing this year. All you homeschool moms out there might think of checking it out. Or non-homeschoolers who randomly dig documentaries. I love documentaries. The History Channel used to have a show called Decisive Battles (or something) about ancient battles in history. It was great – computer generated battles featuring guys with long spears. We used to lay in bed on Saturday nights and watch it. 

oh my gosh, I am the boringest person on the planet.

I downloaded Bejewelled 3 onto my new Netbook. I now need a 12 step program.

boring AND geeky.

oh well.