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• Check out more awesomeness from Linda at The Homeschool Apologist. She’s smacking the NEA around a little.

• My kids were playing outside the other day, when I heard Little start screaming in fright. I was headed out the door when I heard my son trying to help her. I detoured to the window to spy. Apparently a spider crawled onto her hand and freaked her the frak out. Big smacked the spider off, then commanded her to rub her hand in the dirt to erase any traces of it. Excellent advice, this. He gave her a pat and suddenly everything was fine again. I choked back laughter and tears – he was so sweet to rescue her, but the method was hilarious. 

So remember: When in doubt, rub some dirt on it.

• I bought tulips at the grocery store. No coupon, but they make me happy.

• Happy Monday!