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Worms made from raw sugar cookie dough and food coloring. gross.

• Well, I turned 40 yesterday. I have been assured by people who have already experienced this that the 40s are not as bad as they thought. I remain skeptical, but powerless to do anything about it. Except lie. Which I would, but I’m basically too lazy.

• My son has been teasing me mercilessly for the last 6 months that he was going to make me a worm cake to get revenge for the broccoli cake I made him on his birthday. Is there anything cuter than a little boy practically dancing with excitement because he found a way to Give Mommy Crap? No. There is not. I love him. And to prove it, I have promised him a Toad Cake when he turns seven.

• While I did not fly to Vegas with a pocket full of singles, or get a boob job and a pool boy for my 40th, I did get a nice present: A Dell Mini Netbook. I love it. Now I can watch the Real Housewives AND be on Twitter! What more does the aging blogger need, really? All I need to do is pick up some Geritol and I will be set. I chose a lime green shell for the Netbook, because I am Just So Hip. Best Friend and I went for pedicures and a steak dinner, and had such a good time we’ve vowed to do it more than once every 3 years.

• I bought 4 papers this weekend and am anxious to put Nicole’s couponing tips into practice. I did not find very many grocery coupons that I can use; however, I am determined to give this a real effort. While I don’t know how much Real Food I will be able to buy with coupons, I could really care less about what brand of dishsoap I use. The same with laundry soap, shampoo, cleaning products, toilet paper, etc. So, even though I might not save a lot on food, there are still many places I can try to save.

• Our stupid, effing kitchen faucet is broken AGAIN, which infuriates me to no end. This time it is refusing to give any hot water. I suppose that’s better then the Water Fountain o’ Holiday Awesomeness we had at Thanksgiving, but not by much. I just cannot believe that a Super Discounted, Off-Brand, Faucet From The Internets is doing this to me.

• Happy Monday!