Another Chance!

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For those of you who did not win the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener Give Away I did a while back, I’m giving away 2 more over at Heart of the Matter today!

We will accept entries for a week, so hop over there and try to win!

I have to go to Jury Duty today. The jury duty part doesn’t bother me – it’s interesting and I can pat myself on the back for doing my Civic Duty and all that – but there is NO PARKING at the courthouse, and they won’t even let me bring a bottle of water. No water! That’s inhumane. I drink a lot of water and the idea of being separated from my giant cup is making twitchy.

It’s all those damn terrorists fault.

And I’m gonna have to get up all early, too. Dadgum it.

Should I take knitting? They said no sharp objects. I don’t want my stuff taken away by some Visigoth who doesn’t appreciate hand knitting. I suppose I’ll stick with a trashy novel. I don’t even have a decent phone to play Words With Friends! Poor, poor, poor me.

Plus, I’ll betcha the chairs are uncomfortable. All chairs are uncomfortable when your feet don’t reach the floor.

If my ass starts hurting, I can’t promise I won’t whine about it tomorrow.

Blame the terrorists.

(oh lookie! I’m on a watch list now!)