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Should I ever get invited to participate in a Baby Name Focus Group, I’ve made a list of the names I would share with the group. I have actually suggested most of these already, to a rather ungrateful pregnant cousin.

Barnaby (so out, it’s in)

Thursday (hipper than Nicole Kidman’s Sunday)
Persimmon (fresher than Gwyneth Paltrow’s Apple)

Cougar (just. plain. awesome.)

I sent her several emails with some completely brilliant name ideas – I think I suggested Aquanetta (obviously for a girl), and Juniper. I thought about Feather, but that was a little too much. For a particulary painful birth, how about Pineapple? She had an almost violent reaction to the name Herman, which seemed a little harsh.

When we were choosing baby names, Jim had an uncanny ability to take practically every name and twist it into a cruel schoolyard taunt. He made elaborate rhymes involving either body parts or bodily functions. Is that a guy thing? On the other hand, a lot of the girl names sounded to me like I might as well name the baby Stripper and be done with it.

My mother-in-law pestered us constantly during my pregnancies to tell her the names, and I took a lot of delight in making up names that were crazy, but juuuuuuust plausible enough that she had to keep a straight face. It was fun. I had her almost believing we were going with Boutros-Boutros for a while.

Oooh – how about Celery? Nice and crisp. I predict a Celebrity Baby Celery in the future.

Bok Choy!