Ultimate Blog Par-tay

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Ultimate Blog Party 2011

I’ve never heard of this before, but saw it around the interwebs today.

I figured what the heck – a party that doesn’t require me to take a shower, leave my house, OR interact with people in real life? That’s my kind of scene (scene! the first thing you’ll observe is that I’m a thousand years old.)

The idea is to link around and meet new people.

This is me, taking a crappy picture with a crappy camera in the dirty mirror of my bathroom:

What is that? Wads of toilet paper stuck to the mirror? The blinding glare from all my gray? Who knows.

Clearly I caked on a nice thick layer of makeup instead of cleaning the mirror.

I also may or may not have experimented slightly with a Wrinkle Erase thingamabob I discovered in Corel Paint.

Don’t judge.

Random Information…


  • My hubby is a computer geek. He works from home. One time, he startled a friend of mine when he came up from the basement suddenly; she told him she thought he was a troll coming out of a dungeon. I thought this was hilarious. He did not.


  •  We are a weird little bunch. We like it that way.


Anyway! Leave me a comment so I can come visit you too!