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Laundry is stupid.

13 Responses to “*sigh*”

  1. hi kooky Says:

    I’m sorry.
    hi kooky´s last blog post ..race

  2. mnkristy Says:

    Ahahahaha….I thought that was your donation pile from your spring cleaning.
    mnkristy´s last blog post ..Anthony- 14 years old

  3. Michelle Hulse Says:

    Stupid, indeed! You have my condolences.
    Michelle Hulse´s last blog post ..Drool

  4. SarahB Says:

    Would it help if I send you a picture of my laundry pile? We refer to it as “Mt. Fold Me”. I loathe folding laundry. I’m great at washing, great at putting it away, but the folding? Kill me now.

  5. Tressa Says:

    I hate laundry, but I want to know how you keep your bedroom so clean! I think we need a post about that.
    Tressa´s last blog post ..Toe Walking Stinks

  6. April@M3RH Says:

    Right there in the trenches with you. We may have lost the battle but we will win this war.
    April@M3RH´s last blog post ..The Story of the Unicorn

  7. Applie Says:

    Applie´s last blog post ..Changing the Apologia Biology Page

  8. Alice Says:

    But your bed is made so you’re at least one step ahead of me!
    Alice´s last blog post ..How do you handle extra activities

  9. Marcie Says:

    Laundry??? Where??? All I see is the cool quilt with the awesome headboard!!!
    Marcie´s last blog post ..Wedding Week is Over

  10. Liz in Aus Says:

    I counter your laundry-on-bed-pile and raise you a two loungeroom couches pile!


  11. Kirsten is Comfortably Domestic Says:

    Amen, Sister! I can say that because I am sitting here waiting for my quilt to dry so that I can put it on my bed and go to sleep. It’s only been tumbling in the dryer for 2 hours…
    Kirsten is Comfortably Domestic´s last blog post ..The Only Frosting You’ll Ever Need

  12. Cathy Says:

    Yep. But your bed, minus the laundry looks really neat and clean.
    Cathy´s last blog post ..Chicky Day

  13. John Myste Says:

    I have to tell you, this was a great post. You would not think it would be, but it was.
    John Myste´s last blog post ..Let There Be Light