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I love the blog Home Learning Victoria. I always learn something. Rebecca talks about books and games and all sorts of interesting home ed things, and I often open an Amazon window so I can add things to my Wishlist. This post in particular touched me – Skip Those Teachable Moments.

Speaking of Home Learning Victoria, her review of the book Nurture Shock sent me to the library to check it out. The first chapter is on The Inverse Power of Praise and had so much amazing information in it, I read it aloud to my husband last Sunday morning. Has anyone else read this? If so, let’s discuss.

I went out to dinner last week with my best friend, L, and we talked a bit about home school and public school. Then she sent me this email:

“I would love for you to offer tips or thoughtful insights to parents that have their children in public school.  In other words, advice for those who don’t have the option of home schooling, but lean into the home schooling philosophies.”

Which I suppose serves me right, since I blathered on obnoxiously about learning environments and freedom and now I’m on the spot to put my money where my mouth is.

Dang it. Where the hell am I supposed to get a Thoughtful Insight?

L’s kids are (oh dear, I hope I get this right…) 14 and almost 16. They attend a small town public school. L is a very involved parent – going to every meeting, keeping track of grades, and making sure her kids are working to their abilities. Both the kids are on the advanced track in a few subjects, and they both play sports and do other extra-curricular activities. I can’t think of anything I’d tell her to do different, since I think she’s a great parent.


I know that all mah homies out there have/had kids in both environments and you guys probably have some awesomeness to offer. So bring on the advice, book recommendations, and suggestions.

See what I did there? I managed to sidestep the question AND sort of answer it!

Help a girl out, peeps.

Happy Monday!