Random Monday

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People – Look! I am not the only one who thinks about covering stuff with fake fur – See? SEE????

I feel somewhat vindicated now. After seeing how cute and cuddle-y that foot stool is, how can you deny that fake fur would make a cozy headboard?

I got my hair trimmed over the weekend. My hair guy just bought his first house. He was very animated about it as he was cutting my hair.

Very. Animated.

The front of my head now resembles a brillo pad a little.

After Melanie talked me off the “What? Literature? But I don’t know hooooooooooooooooooow!”ledge last week, I spent an entire day roaming the internets and shopping for books. Big went from learning phonics to reading chapter books in the blink of an eye. I am amazed. But now my carefully outlined Learn To Read plan has been rendered obsolete (how did I not realize that would happen? Did I think we would be doing phonics until high school? Who knows what goes on under the gray brillo pad on my head? Brillo. Pad. People. *sigh*) and we need more Litter-ah-chah around here.

Are you guys familiar with Library and Educational Services? They are an educational book wholesaler and will sell to homeschoolers. You have to register first, which is a minor pain in the ass. When I first started ordering from them, I had to print out the order form and mail a check, which was a gigantic pain in the ass. Now they take PayPal, which worked out great. I bought 30 books for $65.00 –

I also bought the 1st Grade Literature set from Memoria Press, along with the Study Guides (I might not be on the edge of the ledge, but I am not quite relaxing in the grass, either); and a buncha stuff from Amazon, including The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter and The Annotated Alice by Lewis Carroll. I also bought some just-for-fun books – Encyclopedia Brown (I loved him when I was young!) and The Cul-de-Sac Kids. Little got the Llama Llama set, which is ADORABLE.

The UPS man brought me hundreds of books last week and only one of them was for me. How weird.

Happy Monday!