Random Thursday

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• Yesterday morning I told my son to quit eating with his hands and use his fork. So he picked up a piece of his breakfast and carefully pressed it onto the tines of his fork. Glad I got that all worked out.

• The other night I realized I had packed the meatloaf pan too full when the oven caught on fire from the overflowing drippings. It was pretty exciting for a minute.

• Homeschool moms, if you aren’t reading Melanie at Fairly Square, you should be. She keeps answering all my questions! And only laughs at me a little!

• After I wrote about Stephen Hawking and the Real Housewives, I got a bunch of comments from a guy with an email address at Columbia University. He ranted along for TWENTY-SIX THOUSAND WORDS.

Twenty-six thousand! He had to break it up into three separate comments! It must have been a graduate paper or something, but he went to quite a bit of trouble to cut-and-paste it in. 

He seemed to have a number of issues with Stephen Hawking, calling him a Tool of a Capitalist Dictatorship that Deliberately Falsifies Basic Science! who was Leading a Takeover Attempt of Theoretical Astrophysics! There were lots of exclamation marks. LOTS. Even more than I use. Do fancy colleges like that support the hysterical over-use of exclamation marks? Hopefully he was a student and not a professor.

There was some talk about UFOs and stuff about NASA and Government Propagandists and The Bermuda Triangle and Biowarfare and Time Travel and Aliens Are Coming and Fluorescent Lightbulbs and Einstien being a Communist…. You know, pretty standard stuff. It might the best comment I’ve gotten so far. It would have been better if it was shorter. Jim wanted me to publish it in it’s entirety, but I like you all too much to subject you to 26,119 words of ranting.

• And now a joke from my daughter (4):

Once upon a time there was a CHICKEN! And a ROAD and a TRAIN!

And the chicken went onto the train tracks and got RUNNED OVER!

Isn’t that funny, Mommy?

Isn’t it?

 Huh, Mommy, Huh?