In Which I am Thrilled

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Yesterday I spent all damn morning trying to figure out how to get an RSS feed thingamabobber on my sidebar.

All. Damn. Morning.

I am confounded by technology, this I freely admit. The only reason I’m even aware of HTML is because one time I wanted to paste in a youTube video of a maxi pad riding a miniature mechanical bull.

Finally it occured to me to email Sheila at Blog Designs by Sheila and try to explain my trouble. It went something like, “Sheila, I want some of those linky thingys in my sidebar. Pls Advs.”

And then fifteen minutes later, Sheila emailed me some cute buttons and some cute button code.  See them up there, on the left? She made them all matchy-matchy!

Sheila is, in fact, amazing.

So, if any of you peeps want some fanciness or buttons to decorate up your blog, email Sheila. She is terrific.

* The Girl Scout Cookies were delivered on Sunday. So far I have eaten an entire box of Thin Mints. I am getting a little panicky, because there are only three boxes left.

* If anyone uses an RSS feeder thingy, let me know if that button doesn’t work.

* This is all true and I am only telling this story because I am really pleased with the work Sheila has done. No one needs to get their panties in a wad thinking otherwise. Unless they want to send me free stuff. Or sacks of money. Especially sacks of money. Or free stuff. Either way.