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You know how little kids always have a bazillion questions?

And how a lot of them are the same one? Over…and over…and over….?

Well, I finally did something about that and I’m at Heart of the Matter talking about it today.

Kinda Whiny

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We spent the whole weekend getting ready for a gigantic garage sale we are hoping to have in a couple of weeks. We cleaned years of CRAP out of the basement, and just moving it to the garage felt liberating. It’s not like it’s all really crap, but it there was so much of it, I felt disgusted and discouraged. Who are these people that bought all this stuff? Why did I think I needed not one, but two mini-muffin tins? Why did I buy a tiny mirror at a thrift store for $3, carefully wrap it, and stick it in a box for 14 YEARS?

Everywhere I looked, I saw dollar signs.

And they were fly – fly – flying away.

Not only that, but it was FILTHY down there. Yet another reason to be grossed out by ourselves. Most of my friends think that my house is perfectly clean all the time. I don’t know where they get this idea, except that whenever someone comes over, I go into panic mode and we all scramble to pick up. I scramble and bark orders and scare people with the crazy eyes. I’m a multi-tasker that way. Plus, I don’t let people upstairs to witness the kids’ bathroom or the giant pile of laundry that inhabits on our bed.

So not only was I confronted by crap and filth, but I also had to work and lift stuff and the dust got all up on me, and now my eyes have been hurty for three days.

AND I’m too tired to do any of the things I need to be doing, like school and bread baking and dinner making.

And being tired reminds how close I am to turning FORTY, which is, I guess, officially OLD.

FORTY. I will be forty in 31 days.

My husband said turning forty was really no big deal, because after you do it, it’s over and you don’t have to worry about turning forty anymore.

I asked him when he was planning on realizing his next big one was FIFTY.

Judging by the look on his face, that had not occurred to him yet.

I might have taken a small amount of pleasure in being the first one to remind him about it.

Another small sample of the the Awesome Wife Service I offer.

AND THEN, this morning, all my Twitter pals were bragging about being on Spring Break, and I got all grumbly and jealous and whiny and started wondering why I didn’t schedule a break for us, because we could sure use a break…

and then I checked my schedule…

and we WERE supposed to be on Spring Break this week.

And now I’m all confused.

Which must be another symptom of being forty.

Except I am NOT forty YET, so forty better just step off.



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Laundry is stupid.

Random Monday

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I love the blog Home Learning Victoria. I always learn something. Rebecca talks about books and games and all sorts of interesting home ed things, and I often open an Amazon window so I can add things to my Wishlist. This post in particular touched me – Skip Those Teachable Moments.

Speaking of Home Learning Victoria, her review of the book Nurture Shock sent me to the library to check it out. The first chapter is on The Inverse Power of Praise and had so much amazing information in it, I read it aloud to my husband last Sunday morning. Has anyone else read this? If so, let’s discuss.

I went out to dinner last week with my best friend, L, and we talked a bit about home school and public school. Then she sent me this email:

“I would love for you to offer tips or thoughtful insights to parents that have their children in public school.  In other words, advice for those who don’t have the option of home schooling, but lean into the home schooling philosophies.”

Which I suppose serves me right, since I blathered on obnoxiously about learning environments and freedom and now I’m on the spot to put my money where my mouth is.

Dang it. Where the hell am I supposed to get a Thoughtful Insight?

L’s kids are (oh dear, I hope I get this right…) 14 and almost 16. They attend a small town public school. L is a very involved parent – going to every meeting, keeping track of grades, and making sure her kids are working to their abilities. Both the kids are on the advanced track in a few subjects, and they both play sports and do other extra-curricular activities. I can’t think of anything I’d tell her to do different, since I think she’s a great parent.


I know that all mah homies out there have/had kids in both environments and you guys probably have some awesomeness to offer. So bring on the advice, book recommendations, and suggestions.

See what I did there? I managed to sidestep the question AND sort of answer it!

Help a girl out, peeps.

Happy Monday!