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• I have an HGTV specific pet peeve: The word “realtor” is pronounced “real-tor” not “re-la-tor.” Get with the program, voice-over people.

• Don’t you think doing voice-overs would be a great job? Go in a booth with no makeup and say things like “Shawna and Greg are looking for a house in Milwaukee.” Probably get a nice paycheck for 15 minutes worth of work.

• The other day, Big made a whole bunch of worksheets for me to do. He made me write all the numbers to 100. He thought this was HIGH-larious. He kept telling me if I wanted to be smart, I had to do my schoolwork. And to quit complaining, or he’d make me do more. He gave me a quarter for writing a story. I wrote one called Big Is A Turkey Butt. He made a chart and put a big red mark for all my mistakes. He didn’t even care that my hand got a cramp and I wanted to watch Tom and Jerry. 

• The Girl Scout Cookies are here! The Girl Scout Cookies are here!

• The pencil sharpener guy actually read my post and sent me some pencil sharpeners to give away! I am so excited about this! Stay tuned for a give-away.

• This morning we had Sausage Pinwheels for breakfast –

And they were voted delicious by my family.

Which is really cool, considering I only barely followed the recipe and added 2 TABLEspoons of yeast, not the 2 TEAspoons it called for.

Accidental Cooking WIN!

Plus, I am totally giving myself extra mom points for serving such a fancy breakfast on a freaking MONDAY*, of all days.

* The fact that I meant to serve them for dinner last night but did not read the directions in time to account for two rises is neither HERE nor THERE. 

Have a good week!

12 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. MNKristy Says:

    Those pinwheels look delicious.
    Big is a funny kid.
    Yeah for cookies.
    MNKristy´s last blog post ..Another Pizza Party

  2. Deanna Says:

    Those definitely look yummy!
    And I’m with you on the realtor thing. Grr!!

  3. Jimmie Says:

    Ooohh… they are gorgeous! Yummy! Yeast breads are pretty flexible, so I thought it would work out okay. (But I was sort of sweating it. What if they were a disaster? Would my cooking reputation be ruined forever?)
    Jimmie´s last blog post ..Why Do You Notebook Setting Goals

  4. Applie Says:

    Well? What grade did you make on your story? A “C” with all those red marks, I think you should write it over.

    Yeah for a contest! Can’t wait.

    The sausage pinwheels are going on my “to make” list. They looks yummy!
    Applie´s last blog post ..Where does THAT go

  5. Helena Says:

    How funny that Big made you WORK. Now, what did you learn? 🙂

    How cool that the sharpener guy read your post. How did he DO that? Is he watching you??? Spooooky.

    How tasty those rolls look! Now, can you come over and make a vegie version for us, Deb, please, seeing as you are free right now? See, I’ve decided you’re free right now, and that Australia isn’t far AT ALL.
    Helena´s last blog post ..at night

  6. Connie Weiss Says:

    I have one box of GSC that I’m trying to not open.

    Love those rolls!
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..Very Important People

  7. Theresa Says:

    hee hee … love it all!! You never fail to crack me up!! Now if we could just get a photo and see what you look like!!!!!
    Theresa´s last blog post ..Our Weekend

  8. hi kooky Says:

    Love this post! I’m laughing at the kid/teacher moments, I’m drooling at the pinwheels, and I’m waiting for the giveaway! Excellent. Oh, and I’m SOOO with you on the “realtor” issue. Seriously, people!
    hi kooky´s last blog post ..making antennae work

  9. Tressa Says:

    OOh, a contest! Fun! Big is hilarious. I guess you know how he felt about writing his numbers. LOL

    And sausage pinswheels on a Monday morning? You are my hero! They look delicious.
    Tressa´s last blog post ..A somewhat typical day

  10. Marcie Says:

    Since being out of blog land for a couple of weeks, I have to say that catching up with all your posts was a random smile added to my day.
    Marcie´s last blog post ..Long Lost Me

  11. Jamie Says:

    I don’t think my youngest would eat those but they look SUPER-yummy to me!
    Jamie´s last blog post ..Happy-Making Blogging Tips

  12. Applie Says:

    Just letting you know, I bought two packages of chicken sausage to make the Sausage Pinwheels. I think my girls will eat them. 🙂
    Applie´s last blog post ..Where does THAT go