Random Monday

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• I have an HGTV specific pet peeve: The word “realtor” is pronounced “real-tor” not “re-la-tor.” Get with the program, voice-over people.

• Don’t you think doing voice-overs would be a great job? Go in a booth with no makeup and say things like “Shawna and Greg are looking for a house in Milwaukee.” Probably get a nice paycheck for 15 minutes worth of work.

• The other day, Big made a whole bunch of worksheets for me to do. He made me write all the numbers to 100. He thought this was HIGH-larious. He kept telling me if I wanted to be smart, I had to do my schoolwork. And to quit complaining, or he’d make me do more. He gave me a quarter for writing a story. I wrote one called Big Is A Turkey Butt. He made a chart and put a big red mark for all my mistakes. He didn’t even care that my hand got a cramp and I wanted to watch Tom and Jerry. 

• The Girl Scout Cookies are here! The Girl Scout Cookies are here!

• The pencil sharpener guy actually read my post and sent me some pencil sharpeners to give away! I am so excited about this! Stay tuned for a give-away.

• This morning we had Sausage Pinwheels for breakfast –

And they were voted delicious by my family.

Which is really cool, considering I only barely followed the recipe and added 2 TABLEspoons of yeast, not the 2 TEAspoons it called for.

Accidental Cooking WIN!

Plus, I am totally giving myself extra mom points for serving such a fancy breakfast on a freaking MONDAY*, of all days.

* The fact that I meant to serve them for dinner last night but did not read the directions in time to account for two rises is neither HERE nor THERE. 

Have a good week!