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• I can see that some people come to my blog from Facebook. I do not understand how this happens. I do not have any link from my Facebook page to here; indeed, I reserve Facebook for people who don’t know this blog exists. How are people linking to me from Facebook? I can’t follow the link back, it goes to the main page. I tried searching for myself, but nothing comes up. This vexes me on a weekly basis. Ideas?

 A few weeks ago, my daughter was running full steam ahead, tripped, and fell. She landed with the full weight of her body against the tile edge of the stairs, right on her chest. After I got her settled down enough to have a look at her, I determined she was fine; scared and probably bruised, but fine. She kept clutching at herself though – and not always  just for dramatic effect, like she did during face-washing.

My daughter is very dramatic. She can cry REAL tears, on cue, for a GAME. It’s a little disturbing, actually. I have forbidden her from growing up to be a telenovela actress.

We decided to have her looked at, just in case. Our pediatrician said she was fine and nothing was broken. He sees that sort of thing in high school athletes all the time.

I find the idea that my 4 year old daughter has an Old Football Injury so hilarious, I’m already planning how to work it into conversations for maximum comedic effect.

 I recently discovered The Homeschool Apologist, and they make a lot of interesting points. This one about that tiresome “S” word and this one on why not public school particularly struck chords with me.

 My daughter told me that she can tell who they grown-ups are because they are the people who are tall and old.

 My daugher thinks she is funny.

 Can someone tell me what is happening here?

That is a guy.

Wearing a giant red bird costume.

On national television.


 Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps!


9 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. MNKristy Says:

    As far as FB, how do you have your privacy settings? There is a setting that allows people on search engines to find your profile on FB. So maybe people that are searching your name on Google are being linked to FB. But that wouldn’t explain how they are then finding your blog. I don’t know. I am clueless.

    Your daughter is funny.

    That video was blocked. I didn’t watch the Grammy’s but you were having way too much fun Tweeting about them.
    MNKristy´s last blog post ..Things That I Love…

  2. Applie Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I hope your daughter is feeling better. 🙂
    Applie´s last blog post ..They’re creepy and they’re crawly

  3. hi kooky Says:

    Hmm. Are your facebook account and this blog linked to the same email address? That’s the only thing I could think of. Unless… a friend linked to one of your posts on their facebook page. Perhaps that’s how others are hopping from facebook to your blog? Do all the facebook connections go to the same blog post? Just a thought. I hope you get it figured out – that would creep me out too.

    To quote a facebook friend of mine, “Cee Lo is channeling his inner Elton!!!”

    Thanks for the link to “The Homeschool Apologist.” Very interesting.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    hi kooky´s last blog post ..peep

  4. nikk Says:

    facebook – someone has probably enjoyed your blog or a particular post and posted a link to it for their friends to read/visit.
    nikk´s last blog post ..1st Birthday Party

  5. Daisy Says:

    Oh, my guess is that someone loved a specific post and put it on FB as a link. You can probably tell what post they liked by the enter link or the page they landed on when they come to your blog.
    Daisy´s last blog post ..Mystery of History 3 and Bronchitis

  6. Connie Weiss Says:

    What the heck is that??????
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..Happy Valentines Day!

  7. Linda Says:

    Glad you found The Homeschool Apologist…and thanks for the link!! Please come back often!

    I’ve enjoyed my visit to your blog! I loved this random post. I’m baffled as to why folks should be able to follow you over here from FB if you don’t have a link there! Very strange indeed!

    Have a great night! Blessings, Linda
    Linda´s last blog post ..Illinois SB136- Pointless Regulation for Illinois Homeschoolers UPDATED

  8. Cathy Says:

    I’m sure the facebook links are just people that liked a post you made and shared it on facebook. It wouldn’t take you to the link because it would be on someone else’s facebook feed. (At least one would hope that is the case.)

    The red bird guy is funny.
    Cathy´s last blog post ..Time-Warp Wife – Riding in Cars WithBoys

  9. Arby Says:

    Hey, thank you for the shout out about THA. And for the awesome picture of the freaky guy in the bird costume!
    Arby´s last blog post ..A Suggested Revision to Illinois SB 136