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• I can see that some people come to my blog from Facebook. I do not understand how this happens. I do not have any link from my Facebook page to here; indeed, I reserve Facebook for people who don’t know this blog exists. How are people linking to me from Facebook? I can’t follow the link back, it goes to the main page. I tried searching for myself, but nothing comes up. This vexes me on a weekly basis. Ideas?

 A few weeks ago, my daughter was running full steam ahead, tripped, and fell. She landed with the full weight of her body against the tile edge of the stairs, right on her chest. After I got her settled down enough to have a look at her, I determined she was fine; scared and probably bruised, but fine. She kept clutching at herself though – and not always  just for dramatic effect, like she did during face-washing.

My daughter is very dramatic. She can cry REAL tears, on cue, for a GAME. It’s a little disturbing, actually. I have forbidden her from growing up to be a telenovela actress.

We decided to have her looked at, just in case. Our pediatrician said she was fine and nothing was broken. He sees that sort of thing in high school athletes all the time.

I find the idea that my 4 year old daughter has an Old Football Injury so hilarious, I’m already planning how to work it into conversations for maximum comedic effect.

 I recently discovered The Homeschool Apologist, and they make a lot of interesting points. This one about that tiresome “S” word and this one on why not public school particularly struck chords with me.

 My daughter told me that she can tell who they grown-ups are because they are the people who are tall and old.

 My daugher thinks she is funny.

 Can someone tell me what is happening here?

That is a guy.

Wearing a giant red bird costume.

On national television.


 Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps!