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I hit some good sales at the grocery store last weekend and got a little carried away.

Fridge Before –

20 pounds of hamburger, 5 pounds of cheese, 2 shredded rotisserie chickens, 6 pounds of ham, 2 pounds of sausage, 2 pounds bacon*, 2 dozen eggs. Everything bought on sale – the hamburger, bacon, and sausage were BOGO.

Freezer After –

3 Chicken Noodle Casseroles, 21 Breakfast Burritos, 18 Beef and Bean Burritos, 10 quarts of Ham and 16 Bean Soup, 10 quarts of Ham and Mashed Potato Soup, 8 Stuffing Meatloaves, 4 pints of taco meat, 6 packets of bacon pre-chopped to make Spaghetti Carbonara on a whim, and several pounds of grapes and raspberries. Plus the assorted pizza dough balls, bread loaves and muffins that I have to make constantly.

I keep trying to get my family to quit eating, but I’m not getting any takers.

Now I shall go watch The Real Housewives, guilt free.

Maybe even with a bowl of ice cream.

Yes, definitely with a bowl of ice cream.

* That’s a lot of pork products, isn’t it? I NEVER buy bacon or sausage – it’s too expensive, smells up the whole house, and is probably not what you’d call healthy. But it was all on SALE and I had COUPONS. So there.