Random Monday

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* I rocked the Super Bowl snacks this year – I made Fried Mozzarella, Barbeque Meatballs, Cheesy Breadsticks, and Mini Calzones. All but the fried mozzarella were homemade. I am woman, see me fall down in exhaustion. The Volkswagon commercial with the tiny Darth Vader was hilarious!

* I overheard my daughter say, “My mom is soooooo HOT!” They were playing Rocket Ship to the Sun, so I don’t think she meant it in the conventional way….but still, I’ll take it.

* If you are a pregnant person and total stranger comes up to you and touches your belly, turn around and pat their belly.  I guarantee this will cure them.

* The search terms that lead people to my blog are sometimes really funny. Like this one: tiny little magical basement entrances. What is that? Have I talked about tiny magical basement entrances before? It sounds interesting. I want to know more about tiny magical basement entrances too. I get a lot of people who come here when searching for ugly stuff – Ugly Bag, Ugly Alpaca, Ugly Knitting. It’s very flattering. There’s another group who finds me by searching I Hate Potty Training. I hear that, yo.

BUT! The absolute best search phrase that landed some poor sap on my main page was skinny nude lying trash. Isn’t that just fantastic?

* This is funny –