It’s a Good Thing

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After reading the third computer-related disaster story in the last few weeks, I just have to put this out there: GET CARBONITE.

As you know, I am not a paid spokesperson for anything.

Heck, I’m not paid at all. By anyone. For anything.

Dang it. 


After having random anxiety every time I uploaded new pictures of the kids onto my computer, I finally tuned in to those radio commercials and checked out Carbonite. It might be the best $50 a year I have ever spent. Even I – who rilly, rilly hates learning anything new – installed it in about 3 seconds, with no help from my husband/computer guy. I set the backup to run whenever I want, and now I don’t have to worry about carrying my computer around when the apocalypse comes.

Get it. Feel Relieved. Move on to worrying about the next thing on the list.