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While SOME people watched stupid football all day yesterday, I went to THREE stupid grocery stores trying to get food in the house. Sam’s Club was fun – I took Big and he could not believe his luck when he saw the array of food samples. WalMart, however, about killed me. I got in line behind a young couple who argued over the price of every. single. thing. It took 20 minutes before they could decide if they DID want $3 worth of apples, or DIDN’T want them.


An hour I was in line!


At least I’m not bitter about it. That’s the main thing.

Also, can someone please tell me when I can stop using a shovel and a fire hose to clean the kitchen after my children eat? When do they stop spraying food in an eight-foot radius like a dadgum lawn sprinkler o’crumbs?


(…please say 6…please say 6…)

In less grouchy news, I finished my Noro Two-Row Scarf! So! Excited! This scarf has been on my needles since 2009 (don’t judge).

Jared Flood is an amazing fiber artist, and Silk Garden is an amazing yarn. If you go to Flickr, you can see about a thousand different variations on the Two-Row scarf. Each one is unique. In fact, I might need to start another one….winter 2013 is right around the corner.


10 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. hi kooky Says:

    Wow – beautiful scarf!! Big stores are scary on the weekend. I hope you recover soon.
    hi kooky´s last blog post ..its not frozen

  2. Helena Says:

    ONE HOUR?! Wow. I hope you got lots of reading done—that’s the time I read up on who Jake Gyllenhaal is dating, which Kardashian is having a baby, and who is dangerously thin or dangerously fat. Boy, and you had a WHOLE HOUR. Just think of all that learning you must’ve done! Boy, don’t you wish now that you stayed longer and got right into News of the World, and found out how that woman entertained 3.5 Aliens for dinner, and how the five year old caught that Great Blue Whale? Don’t you WISH??

    And the exact age your children will stop spraying crumbs is…let me check my eight-ball…wait…the answer’s coming… it’s “YES.”

    Aren’t you glad I commented, Deb? Hope I helped you process your Monday and find great peace inside your heart! (And, scrumptious scarf, by the way. Loved it! Can I put an order in for 2015?) 🙂
    Helena´s last blog post ..so many questions

  3. Liz in Aus Says:

    Round about the same time that kids stop eating like cookie monster is when they prepare their own food in the kitchen. That’s a whole lot of other grief right there.
    I have four kids, ages 4, 8, 11 and 13.
    Now you can feel sorry for me 😀

  4. joyce:waddleeahchaa.com Says:

    Y’all made me laugh! My answer to when kids stop being messy is when they leave home. Then you wish they were back. What am I saying! 🙂 joyce

  5. Michelle Says:

    I’m sorry . . . I can’t get past “stupid football.”

    The short answer is as soon as you introduce them to the dustpan. I swear, my 3 yr old makes less mess than my 7 yr old, who literally bounces while she eats. But she is MUCH neater when I tell her at the beginning of the meal that she has to sweep up under her chair after lunch.

    The scarf, by the way, is gorgeous!!!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Midpoint Reality Check

  6. Connie Weiss Says:

    I hate WalMart. I try to only go there once a month.
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..The Bachelor Brad- Shut Up and Kiss Me

  7. Tressa Says:

    That is a painful trip to Walmart. I am sorry. Kids don’t ever stop being messy. I love that my kids cook their own food, but they leave the mess all over the kitchen. I keep wondering when they stop believing in the kitchen fairy.

    I tell them, “she doesn’t exist, people! Clean up your mess!”

    They keep telling me, “She does exist, mom, you just don’t leave your stuff lying around long enough for her to pick it up.”

    Do you see where this is going?
    Tressa´s last blog post ..Teen showers

  8. April@M3RH Says:

    I’m hoping 6 is the magic number, too.
    April@M3RH´s last blog post ..Two Temples

  9. Marcie Says:

    I want one!!!! I love scarves and that one is beautiful!!!!
    Marcie´s last blog post ..All About the Giant Beasts

  10. Applie Says:

    Love that scarf!
    Applie´s last blog post ..Have Your Frog and Eat it Too!