Funny Bone Readers

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Today I am thrilled to be hosting a giveaway over at Heart of the Matter!

Early in December, I received an email from Keith Garton, the President and Publisher of Red Chair Press. Somehow, someone that works for him stumbled across the drivel that is this blog, and told him about it. Astonishingly, he offered to send me some Funny Bone Readers. He didn’t ask for anything in return – not a review or even a mention.

We got the books in right before Big’s birthday, and (no moss growing here) I wrapped them up for a pressie. 

Big LOVES them! He reads Space Cat and Squid & Pickles all the time. They are humorous little books, which appeals to my son because he has a terrific sense of humor. He’s RAVENOUS when it comes to books, so a set he really likes was a gift for mama, too.

When I saw how much my boy enjoyed these books, I approached Keith about giving a set to a lucky reader. Happily, he agreed. The giveaway will be open to entries for a week at Heart of the Matter. If you have, or know someone who has an emerging reader, click over and enter!