Random Monday

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  • So I guess Kelsey Grammer is a real tool.


  • This weekend, as Jim was making a pitcher of iced tea, Big suggested that perhaps Daddy should cut back on his sugar intake. It was hilarious, probably more so because the lecture was not directed at me.


  • Speaking of my husband, sometimes I say really vulgar things to him out of the blue – just to see the shocked look on his face. After 17 years, it’s probably become less shocking, but it still amuses me. And amusing myself is one of my favorite hobbies.


  • I like butter on my popcorn. But I do not like greasy fingers. So I eat my popcorn with a spoon. Weird? or Genius?


  • I KNOW I commented on someone’s blog that I would email them and we could arrange a swap of our unused kindergarten materials, but now I can’t remember WHO that was. I have gone back in my reader and re-read practically every homeschool blogger’s post from December, and I can’t find it. So if it’s you, PLEASE let me know. I have not forgotten about swapping, I promise! I just forgot who I am swapping with! (Wow, that sounds even worse written out than it did in my head. Sorry! Sorry!)


  • This is funny –