Nature wants to kill us

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On Sunday, Big came up to me and said he needed a Question Notebook where he can write down all his questions (and lo, they are many), and I can spend every Saturday researching the answers. He’s a giver that way.

When I went to my daughter’s room for a final tuck-in before going to bed, she sleepily turned to me and said, “You’re my heart, Mommy.” And then I cried.

On Saturday, Jim took the kids to the zoo so I could have more than five minutes in a row of peace to schedule school. I was able to get the first 5 weeks worked out, which is significantly less than I usually schedule. But at least we have a plan. Besides, I always have to redo my schedules fourteen times a year because we get behind ditch stuff lose interest are flexible. Maybe this will help with that. Or at least waste less paper.

The following is the actual text message exchange between Jim and I while they were at the zoo:

Jim: Attacked by squirrels. Retreated to car.

Me: They wanted your lunch?

Jim: Yes. They came right up on the picnic bench.

Me: Are my babies ok?

Jim: They are ok now. Little screamed, “Run for your life!”

Me: At least she is not dramatic.

Jim: Now we see a peacock. All is good.

Jim: The peacock is attacking b-day party kids. They are crying.

Me: Peacocks are deadly.

And then they had a jolly time at the zoo, where the kids MADE their dad take a picture of cockroaches.

And email it to me.

Because they think they are funny.

You’re Welcome.