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Jim is taking this week off from work, so on Monday I had a day all to myself. I went out and shopped, perused and browsed.

I even had lunch. By myself. In a restaurant. And did not have to cut anyone’s food but my own.

I hit one of my favorite places, a warehouse that’s been turned into a warren of crammed-full antique booths.

Wasn’t it just the other day I was talking about getting rid of stuff? What poor timing.

I was sorely tempted to buy this as a birthday present for my sister, because I think it would be hilarious. Maybe in another year, when she turns 40. I’ll bet you wish you were on the receiving end of such thoughtful gifts.

I also thought seriously about this –

But not this, even though he’s a steal at $480.00. He’s alarmingly well endowed, isn’t he? What are you supposed to do with this? He’s either mighty proud of himself or very uncomfortable.

This picture does not do this thing justice – it was waist high, and must have weighed hundreds of pounds. I’m guessing it’s some sort of cave formation, like a stalactite, but to me it just looks….wrong. Sadly, there was no price tag, or I would’ve loaded her right up.

But the absolute BEST find of the day was this table, carved out of a huge tree root, for only EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS.

See the elephants? Simultaneously awesome AND hideous.

It was fun skulking around, surreptitiously taking these pictures. I left feeling triumphant, because not only did I escape the notice of some muscle-bound security dude…

I also resisted the siren song of that statue.