Minimalist Monday

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Here we are at another new year.

I don’t do resolutions, because those are just an invitation to feel like a failure. I suck at enough things without making a whole NEW list of stuff to suck at. 

I have a couple of goals, though. The key to making goals is to keep them vague. That way, when you’re reviewing them in December, you can spin them in a way that looks like a raging success.

“How did you do on your goals last year, Harold? Did you eat better?” 

“I totally did, Wanda! Remember that time I accidentally bought the low fat cottage cheese?”

See? Like that.

My first goal for 2011 –

(what are we calling this, anyway? Twenty-Eleven? Two-Thousand-Eleven? Ought-Eleven? No, that one wouldn’t be right. Shouldn’t we have reached a consensus on this by now? Honestly, it’s irritating.) 

– is to Simplify My Life.

Lately I look around my house and feel like I am drowning in STUFF. That’s a little generous. It’s more like CRAP. And it makes me unhappy to look at it.

Scrapbooking crap that reminds me that I don’t scrapbook.

Cross-stitching crap that reminds me I haven’t finished the one project I DID start – NINE YEARS AGO.

Sewing crap that reminds me I don’t know how to sew, books I’ll never read, gifts from people I don’t talk to….

It’s all becoming too much.

I think I might be a minimalist at heart. Empty surfaces please me. It’s hard to maintain, because I’m surrounded by pack rats.

(Yes, even though all the stuff I listed is MINE, that’s neither here nor there. Stop getting sidetracked. This isn’t about blame. Get off my back already. Jeez.)

My son will try to pick stuff OUT OF THE TRASH because he might need it someday. I find little bobs and bits secreted all over the house. It is simultaneously cute and aggravating (that sentence pretty much sums up my parenting experience, actually).

Not to mention the fact that we all live, work, and attend school in our house. We are all here, all the time.

The amount of toilet paper we go through is staggering.

That’s gross. Forget I said anything.

ANYway – to that end (the getting rid of stuff end, not the toilet paper end – keep up!), we cleaned out the laundry room yesterday! Go us!

Before (I swear, half this stuff was from the original owner. I was embarrassed for us, keeping someone else’s trash. I mean, really. Who does that?)

Eight-thousand old lightbulbs; a zillion gallons of paint; obnoxious, eye-level shelves holding stupid empty boxes…blech.

After – so! much! better! We tore down half the shelving, took out the trash (what a concept! tell Martha!), and laid carpet squares we had from our last house.

Now, if only SOMEone will volunteer to keep it that way.