Headboard Project!

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So I got a few negative comments about my Sheepskin Rug Headboard idea.

If by “a few,” I mean every single person who heard about it gagged.

And I do.

However, I was still pretty married to the idea – until in an effort to vindicate myself, I went to Google and searched for the Super Expensive Fancy One that’s in a Celebrity’s House . . . and failed.

So. Disappointed.

Nate Berkus hasn’t installed one of these in Jennifer Aniston’s bedroom? Or Brangelina’s?

Come on, Brad and Angelina look pretty wild – a sheepskin rug headboard would totally be right up their alley.

I still sort of think it will happen one day…and then I will be all AH-HA! And rub it in everyone’s faces.

Side Story:

You know those wreaths made out of Christmas ornaments hot-glued around a frame?

I made one of those about 15 years ago.

And everyone laughed at me.

And now they sell them in Pottery Barn for seventy-five dollars.

Just sayin’.

ANYway, I DID abandon my fantastic, fashion forward, avant-garde headboard idea and decided to get some foam, a store-bought quilted coverlet, and slap that sucker together.

Ta Da!

Love, love, love the texture and the color. Our summer quilt will go great with it.

I know these pictures aren’t great. It was dark and snowy outside, and I have a crap camera, and I am a crap camera operator.

So, there’s that.

I have some ideas about painting the lamps and replacing the shades. I’ll take better pictures if I do.

What do you think? (she said, blatantly fishing for compliments)