Butt Wrinkles and a Poll Question

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Tonight after my daughter’s bath, I noticed that when she blows her nose, her little tiny-heiny cheeks wrinkle. It was quite possibly the CUTEST THING EVER.

I have a plan to make a padded headboard for our bed. I have done this several times before. The first time, I bought a $25 headboard from a used hotel furniture outlet store (google it – you can get stuff SO CHEAP), and covered it with about 4 inches of padding and a really pretty fake-silk moire fabric. I even made fabric-covered buttons. It turned out great, but after a few years and a little exposure to my son (aka Super Puker), it was time to say goodbye. So I want to make another one.

Here’s the thing: I decided that instead of covering my MDF with some boring old fabric, I would think outside the box. I had lots of ideas – cover it with wallpaper, paint a design with stencils, decoupage random bits of handmade paper onto it… But the idea that really grabbed me is to cover it with sheepskin.

That’s right – a HEADBOAD made out of a SHEEPSKIN RUG.

What do you think of this idea?

a) Wow Deb, you are Super Cool!

b) I think I saw that in a 70’s porno.

c) Why would you nail a rug to the wall?

I floated this idea to mah peeps on Twitter, but they were decidedly unsupportive (Hi Melanie! Hi Applie! Hi Celtic Muse!) so I decided to cast a wider net before abandoning it. I don’t know, though….Melanie all but killed it by wondering if human hair will get stuck in it.


In case you are wondering what my husband thinks of this, he professes not to care as long as it doesn’t cost anything and he doesn’t have to help.

*This blog-post title is so enticing, I am completely enthralled by my own cleverness.