Christmas Non-Dinner

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After the Thanksgiving debacle, I started to think about trying something different for Christmas.

The whole idea behind these elaborate holiday meals is to add to the happy memories and create something really special that enhances your family traditions.


Well, after Thanksgiving, I realized that while I thought I was making a special meal for my family, I was really just spending a bunch of money and time cooking something half of them didn’t even like. And that was, in fact, not creating something special and memorable. I don’t want my kids growing up remembering that mom cooked stuff they didn’t like at the holidays.

I do think they will grow up (and hopefully out) of their present state of picky-eater-ness; but in the meantime they don’t like the traditional holiday dinners, so why am I killing myself making them?

Not only that, but my own memories of the past few Christmases are of my husband and kids playing with all the new toys while I fretted over when to start the gravy.

So this year I asked Jim what he thought about bagging the fancy meal and cooking something that would a) be less work, and b) garner fewer complaints.

He was up for it, so I made a plan: Cook something nice on Christmas Eve (like a turkey), and assemble a casserole (like turkey-noodle) to be heated up on Christmas Day.

It was a great plan, but we were so busy on Christmas Eve, that I did not make the nice dinner.

Or assemble a casserole.

Even so, on Christmas day we had homemade cinnamon rolls –

And homemade cheese dip (it was supposed to be a cheese ball but I do not excel at reading directions) –

And mini meatball sandwiches that were unbelievably delicious –

And it was perfect.

The kids were so busy playing that they had to be nagged to eat anything at all, never mind something elaborate.

And by elaborate, I mean food that requires silverware.