Just Finish Something Already! Week 8

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Here we are at the last week of Just Finish Something Already! That’s right people – this blog hop is officially finished! So link up – surely you’ve accomplished great things. Or mediocre things. Or SOMEthing….

I am happy to announce that I have finished Christmas shopping. I planned, price-compared, and made ridiculously detailed Excel spreadsheets that kept track of what I bought and how much I spent.

I discovered a couple of great gifts this year that I am really excited about.

First, Fortamajigs. I bought these for mostly selfish reasons – mainly, I am tired of donating all the sheets and blankets in the house to Big’s fort-making enterprises. These are lightweight, and have velcro attachments to secure them around table legs or trees or the postman or whatever victim my tiny people can find to inflict themselves on. I am SUPER EXCITED about this pressie. The Fortamajig website was offering a set of the main Fortamajig and the Connectables at a better price than I found them for separately on that Other Place I am Addicted To, and – the best part – free shipping!

And then! I got one of the eternally-in-my-inbox toy advertisements, this one for Toobeez. Toobeez are essentially gigantic tinker-toys that are designed to be the SKELETON of a FORT. I already had the Fortamajigs in my Christmas stash to replace my sheets as the skin of a fort, and here was a product that could also free up the dining room table! After reading many reviews, I ordered a set. They also do FREE SHIPPING! 

Quite frankly, free shipping is THE key to my little tightwad consumer heart. If you don’t do free shipping, you are dead to me.

DEAD, I say.

This is also going to be The Year of the Bike. We decided to go with Go Glide bikes, because….well, once again for selfish reasons. I just am not interested in running up and down the street for hours on end trying to teach my kids how to ride a bike.

What? I said I was selfish.

I might run somewhere if there was a good sale at the end of it. Or a big piece of cake.

I stumbled upon this Glide Bike concept that teaches kids how to balance before you introduce the whole peddling idea.  I read about eighteen-thousand reviews of the various kinds of bikes and the general consensus seems to be that it is much easier for kids to go right to a bicycle – skipping the training wheels – if they start out gliding.

Which, fortuitously, also plays into my whole Mama-Sits-on-a-Chair-and-Doesn’t-Run-Anywhere scenario.

Of course, the Lego people got a chunk of change (as they do every year), and there will be big piles of books for everyone. That’s pretty much it. I was aiming for spending my money thoughtfully, somewhat frugally (and by that I don’t mean not spending anything, I mean getting my money’s worth), and buying stuff that does not take up a lot of space. 

* I am just listing all these things because this is really what I bought, and really why I bought it. I am not being given any reason to say anything about these products one way or the other – sadly I am not famous enough for that. Dang it.

** I do feel like the Toobeez will probably be used as weapons at some point. There is really nothing I can do to stop it, except issue my standard, “if you get hurt doing that, I’m not going to feel sorry for you” warning. I mean, I have a boy. And a girl who spends all her time with a boy and is even more fearless than he is. So, whatever. As long as they don’t hit me or my teevee….