Ladybug Cupcakes!

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Continuing the week long Birthday Event – after I made Big his broccoli cupcakes, Little got ladybug cupcakes.

She LOVES ladybugs, and I decided that this year would be THE Year of the Ladybug. She got a ladybug nightlight, a little ladybug stuffed animal (that she loses approximately 14 times a day. I am thinking ordering a spare might be a good idea), and some supercute ladybug cupcakes.

I found these instructions from (who else?) Martha Stewart. The directions were great. I had to call about 7 grocery stores before I found one that carried marzipan, and I hit Hobby Lobby for the food coloring and a piping tip.

After I incorporated the red and black food coloring into the marzipan (word to the wise – wear gloves. That paste food coloring is not kidding around), I started rolling the head and body shapes. Then I stuck them together and tried to smush everything into something resembling the shape of a ladybug.

I added a little line down the center for the wings.

The instructions called for rolling out the black marzipan and cutting tee-tiny little circles for the black dots. I thought that seemed like the road to Crazy Town, so I broke a toothpick in half and dotted the black food coloring right onto the buggies.  

The instructions also called for piping green grass onto the cupcakes with a special frosting tip, but after I did three I started feeling vaguely suicidal and switched to Frosting the Cupcakes Like a Normal Person for Pete’s Sake.

The broccoli and the buggies together –

So! Cute!

It was my very first attempt at anything like this, so while I have not morphed into Martha herself, I am still pretty proud of my efforts. And it was a lot of fun. In retrospect, I should have tried harder to come up with a cake that would encompass both of their themes – like maybe a garden cake. The marzipan was easier to work with than I thought it would be, so I could definitely have made more stuff.

I am already looking forward to next year. I think making special cupcakes might turn into one of our family traditions.